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Ohio Ag News Headlines
Trapping Toxic Compounds with 'Molecular Baskets'
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/15/2018
Researchers have developed designer molecules that may one day be able to seek out and trap deadly nerve agents and other toxic compounds in the environment -- and possibly in humans. The scientists, led by organic chemists from The Ohio State University, call these new particles "molecular baskets." As the name implies, these molecules are shaped like baskets and research in the lab has shown they can . . .

'Paintable' Chemotherapy Shrinks Skin Tumors in Mice
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/15/2018

Supplement EA on Experimental Rabies Vaccine Field Trials
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/15/2018

Open Houses to Discuss Abandoned Mine Land Projects
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/15/2018

COTC Legends of Loyalty Awards Presented
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/15/2018

Ohio Farmers Anticipate Record-High Corn and Bean Yields
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/12/2018

Global Chemicals Production Softens
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/12/2018

National & World Ag Briefs
Brazil's Supply of Soybeans Are Running Low
USAgNet - 10/15/2018

Drought-Stricken Australia Importing More Grain
USAgNet - 10/15/2018

$9.4M to Support Socially Disadvantaged, Veteran Farmers
USAgNet - 10/15/2018

USDA Issues Farm Safety Net and Conservation Payments
USAgNet - 10/15/2018

Nebraska Farmers Plead Guilty to Falsifying Organic Products
USAgNet - 10/15/2018

Regional Ag News Updates
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