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Transforming food waste into livestock feed - A global virtual conference
USAgNet - 02/28/2024

The University of Minnesota, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and Feedstuffs are joining forces to host a groundbreaking virtual conference titled "Transforming Food Waste into Livestock Feed."

This event is set to catalyze a global conversation on the potential of food waste as a sustainable resource for livestock feed. Aimed at professionals in the feed and feeding industries, this conference seeks to highlight the value of upcycling food waste amidst food, climate, and sustainability challenges.

Scheduled for March 26-28, the conference promises to deliver insightful discussions on food waste streams that can be transformed into animal feed. With an emphasis on sources that offer steady, large quantities and stable nutritional values, the event will feature "case study" presentations, illustrating successful business models in the sector.

Dr. Jerry Shurson from the University of Minnesota and Dr. Zhengxia Dou from the University of Pennsylvania will host the event, ensuring a blend of academic and practical perspectives.

The conference will cover opportunities, challenges, and solutions over three days, with each day dedicated to one of these aspects. Sessions will include 15-minute presentations on current knowledge and case studies, facilitating an engaging and educational experience.

Support from prestigious organizations like the North American Renderers Association, World Wildlife Fund, and the US Grains Council, along with a grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, underscores the importance and timeliness of this conference. This initiative aims to educate and inspire actionable solutions in the face of global sustainability challenges.

Attendees are encouraged to register for this free event, which promises to offer valuable insights and foster international collaboration in the quest to make food waste a viable feed source for livestock.

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