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American Sustainable Rubber in Fast Company Magazine
Ohio Ag Connection - 03/29/2019

United American Healthcare Corporation, an emerging technology holding company, Thursday announced its wholly-owned subsidiary American Sustainable Rubber Company, LLC, garnered media coverage in Fast Company Magazine.

"It is an honor for American Sustainable Rubber and Dr. Katrina Cornish, our scientific advisor, to be featured in such a prominent media outlet," said Timothy J. Madden, president of ASR. "Our company is dedicated to commercializing the TK Dandelion as a domestic source of natural rubber to help address the issue of America's reliance on foreign imports. It is exciting for our company's vision to be seen."

In an article titled, Indoor Farms Full of Dandelions Could Be our Future Source of Rubber, published this past week by Fast Company Magazine, Dr. Cornish explains in depth that genetically modified dandelions could be grown in hydroponic farms to harvest latex from the plant's root, which could supply rubber for tires, shoes, flooring, and thousands of other products that currently source rubber from Southeast Asian forests.

In the article, Dr. Cornish says, "Demand for rubber is constantly increasing." She goes on to define what a world without rubber would mean and the economic consequences that would occur if that were the case. Currently, the demand for rubber in tires has driven deforestation in Southeast Asian forests. "We must not continue to rely on a clonal tree that is disease sensitive. If the disease were to spread in Southeast Asia, the rubber plantations could be wiped out within a year," says Dr. Cornish.

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