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Survey Reveals Majority of Americans Can Change a Tire
Ohio Ag Connection - 01/10/2019

A recent survey conducted by Cooper Tires found that the majority of Americans say they can change a tire. With younger generations, especially millennials, buying fewer cars than older generations, the prevalence of basic car skills and the ability to handle road mishaps, such as a flat tire, might appear to be waning. However, Cooper found that almost three-fourths of Americans say they are confident they know how to change a tire.

"Our survey found that 81% of respondents have experienced a flat tire so, unfortunately, this is something that most drivers will face," said Jessica Egerton, director, brand development, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. "We want all drivers to be prepared for and armed with tire-change know-how and Cooper offers step-by-step instructions on installing a spare tire on your car to get you back on your way until you can reach a mechanic."

In addition to better understanding Americans' abilities when it comes to changing a tire, the survey also uncovered interesting links between habits, preferences, and tire change know-how.

Key findings include:

People who make (and keep) New Year's resolutions know how to change a tire

- 82% of respondents who make New Year's resolutions know how to change a tire, compared to 67% who don't make resolutions.

Respondents who "always" or "sometimes" keep their resolutions are very likely to know how to change a tire (92% and 83%, respectively), while those who never keep their resolutions fall back to 72% -- roughly the same number as those who don't make resolutions at all.

- There's no generation gap (or so people say)

Somewhat surprisingly, younger Americans (millennials and Generation Xers) are more likely to say they know how to change a tire than older Americans. 78% of Gen Xers and 77% of millennials say they can change a tire, compared to 71% of baby boomers, 70% of Gen Z, and 67% of the Silent & Greatest Generations.

Right-handed or left-handed? No difference here

- 74% of both righties and lefties say they know how to change a tire -- no other subgroup produced a tie.

Hot beverage drinkers are tire-change savvy

- Coffee drinkers (75%) are more apt at changing tires than tea drinkers (70%), but people who like both are the best tire-changers of the bunch (79%).

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